English hard rock band The Cult’s guitarist Billy Duffy recently talked about Alice Cooper, a musician that influenced his career widely, and spoke about how his impact started.

Billy Duffy is known to be influenced by various musicians in the rock and roll world. His list includes notable names like Queen, Thin Lizzy, The Who, Aerosmith, and Led Zeppelin. These bands’ music has inspired him and contributed to the success of The Cult.

The Cult was formed in 1983 and broke up twice to reunite in 2006 and still stays active to this day. Today, they have ten studio albums as a band, and the latest one is ‘Hidden City,’ released in 2016. Recently, the band’s guitarist talked about another influence that helped shape his and naturally his band’s musical scope.

The rocker stated that he had loved Alice Cooper since he was young and revealed that he still listens to Alice Cooper today. He explained their inspiration by saying that The Cult drew inspiration from their guitar-oriented music and longevity, like Alice Cooper and his band.

Here is what he stated about Alice Cooper:

“I love the production. I still listen to Alice’s records now. They endured the somewhat seismic shift into punk rock. Loads of punk bands, like Eater, covered ‘I’m Eighteen.’ Alice was on the approved listening list for the post-1976 generation. Then he went on to have a lot of success.

It’s interesting. I have always admired guys who have that longevity. Me and Ian, when we got together as The Death Cult, we just looked to that. The two of us just wanted to be in a band and make broadly speaking guitar-orientated rock music, and we looked to guys like Alice Cooper.

Duffy is lucky enough to get the opportunity to tour with his idol. The Cult and Alice Cooper are on a co-headlining UK tour that kicked off on May 23 and will continue until June 1.