The Darkness lead guitarist Justin Hawkins joined an interview with Louder Sound and picked the essential songs and musicians of his music career. Hawkins also chose Dire Straits’ Mark Knopfler as his guitar hero.

Mark Knopfler has impressed his audience and the other notable names from the music scene with his distinctive songwriting and guitar skills. Significantly as a member of Dire Straits, he contributed to the rock scene by creating many impactful works.

Knopfler was praised by his fans and his fellow musicians due to his unique musicianship. Previously, his bandmate John Illsley revealed that he applied what he learned about structures and chords from Knopfler to his record.

The producer Muff Winwood was another name who praised Knopfler’s excellent guitar skills. As the producer saw his guitar playing while recording the band’s significant piece ‘Sultans of Swing,’ the guitarist had techniques that made him distinctive from others.

Recently, The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins picked Knopfler as his guitar hero by pointing out his impressiveness in playing. According to Hawkins, getting bored with Mark’s guitar playing was impossible as he delivered it like telling a story with his fingers. As he stated, Knopfler has been the best with his solo parts.

Justin Hawkins responded when asked who his guitar hero was:

“Mark Knopfler. He’s such an expressive player. His skill is the way he tells a story with his fingers. You never get bored with a long Mark Knopfler solo because he does so many things that are melodic and moving. For that, he’s the best.”

Mark Knopfler proved his talent in the music scene, being praised by many audiences and notable musicians. Justin Hawkins is one of them who chose Knopfler the best regarding his guitar skills.