Mia Tyler, the daughter of the frontman of Aerosmith, the iconic Steven Tyler, shared a video on her official Instagram page that she cannot stop watching. It turned out that it actually is a video from the Day of the Dead and the choreography is to die for.

The daughter of Steven Tyler and the actress Cyrina Foxe, Mia Tyler has a variety of professions that she is known for. She is an actress, plus-size model, author, visual artist, fashion designer, and music promoter. Mia also has her own clothing line named Revolution 1228, launched in February 2009.

In addition to these, Mia is also quite an active social media user and fans love seeing her adorable son, and family through her official Instagram posts. While Mia mostly shares her family and inspirational posts and gives fans the opportunity to see a part of her life, she sometimes reposts others’ pictures and videos on her own Instagram page too.

Recently, Mia Tyler shared a video and revealed that she cannot help herself from keep watching. The video is actually a choreography from the Day of the Dead which is a Mexican holiday that involves gathering of family and friends to pray and remember those who have passed away.

Here is what Mia Tyler said about the video:

“I can’t stop watching this. Had to repost. I love it!”

You can see the Instagram post below.