The legendary KISS frontman, Paul Stanley is struggling with the flu for a while and KISS announced that they had to postpone some of their upcoming tours recently.

Adventure Bay Charters which is the company that organizes KISS’ Shark Concert made a new announcement today.

The company announced that the concert is not canceled, instead, Paul Stanley will not be on the show with his bandmates. It means that the band members will be performing their live performance at Great White Sharks today.

You can check out the announcement below:

“Due to band member Paul Stanley’s illness, KISS concert promoters One World Entertainment and TEG Live announced the tour was canceled.

For more information, please check the news from Port Lincoln Times. We are sorry to hear this news that many fans lost the opportunity to join KISS last road trip concert, and we wish the best for Paul Stanley and a speedy recovery.”

They continued:

“We are glad to announce that we will keep hosting KISS concert for the remaining band members, the shark trip will still go Monday, the Ocean will Rock & Roll! 8 lucky customers will jump on our shark warrior, using our unique underwater sub, enjoy a KISS live concert and Great White Sharks!”

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