An Instagram fan account dedicated to Queen’s frontman, Freddie Mercury, recently posted a photo of Freddie working with Elton John in a studio and the caption included a fragment from an interview which gave details about the close friendship between the two icons.

Freddie Mercury is without a doubt one of the most famous rockstars of all time and he never seizes to impress his listeners with his four-octave vocal range and amazing songwriting. He contributed immensely to the rock culture and history and his flamboyant style altered the conventions of a rock frontman.

As you may know, Elton John and Freddie Mercury had a close relationship and collaborated on various occasions. During an interview, Elton John had said that, early in their friendship, they had given each other pet-names, which were their drag queen alter egos’ names, and while Elton was Sharon, Freddie was Melina.

One of Freddie’s fan pages recently posted a photo of Elton John, Freddie Mercury, John Reid, and David Minns in a studio back in 1976. The fan page also included an excerpt from an interview of Peter Freestone who had revealed the details of the close relationship between Elton and Freddie.

Peter said that they would visit each other whenever they had time which was rare before Freddie’s illness, as they were both touring very often. However, after Freddie was diagnosed with AIDS and had to spend more time in his house, Elton John would visit him fortnightly and they would spend hours talking to each other.

Elton John’s support meant a lot to Freddie and probably boosted his morale. Freddie was famous for organizing the most crowded Christmas celebrations as he would invite anyone who had no place to go or a family to celebrate Christmas with.

After Freddie’s passing, Elton John went to Freddie’s house to see how Jim Hutton, Joe Fanelli, and Peter Freestone were holding up. He then asked them what their plans were for Christmas and then invited them to Windsor to celebrate Christmas with him. Thus, Elton John continued Freddie’s legacy.

Here’s what the fan page wrote in the caption:

“A rare photo of Freddie, Elton John, John Reid, and David Minns at the studio in 1976.

Peter (Phoebe) Freestone talked about Freddie and Elton’s friendship, here’s what he said:

‘They actually became close friends. Then they missed seeing each other quite often because both of them, Queen and Elton were just non-stopping touring. And we were rarely in the same city at the same time. But every now and then it would happen and they would get together and there would just be no stopping and just talking, talking, talking, talking for hours and hours just to catch up on what has happened since the last Sunday.

Then once he got sick and he was at home a bit more, Elton would come around regularly, maybe every fortnight he would come around and he would sit and talk with Freddie particularly during that last year. He would just sit there talking with him, just so that Freddie knew he wasn’t alone, and that really showed the genuine, deep friendship between them.'”

Peter Freestone went on to say:

“After Freddie’s passing, Elton came round to the house and asked the three of us – because of course, Jim Hutton was there, Joe Fanelli and myself – and he asked what we were doing for Christmas because Elton knew Freddie always had big Christmases. Freddie would always invite anybody. Any friends who did not have a family were invited to Christmas.

I remember once having to do Christmas lunch for 25 people. After Freddie died, Elton came and he said, ‘What are you guys doing for Christmas?’ He then said, ‘Look then, enough of this. I will send a car on Boxing Day you will come to Windsor and you will have Christmas with us.”

You can check out the photo that Freddie’s fanpage posted below.