A famous audio engineer and also known as the record producer of lots of legendary names, Michael Landau, was recently interviewed by Guitar Magazine and exposed the details of his earlier collaboration with Pink Floyd and David Gilmour.

After being asked that working with legendary stars like Joni Mitchell, David Gilmour, and James Taylor, which sessions stand out for him. Without hesitation, Michael said that Pink Floyd was the biggest one, telling an untold story about David Gilmour.

After Michael has been called by Pink Floyd, it seems that even he was not expecting such an invitation. However, David Gilmour loved his huge performance when he went to the studio and did what he does best.

Let’s hear the story:

“Well, Pink Floyd definitely! The first thing I asked was. ‘Why the hell are you guys calling me?!’

After I got over the initial shock I went to the studio and I was really nervous, you know? David Gilmour was sitting there in the control room – I played a classic dotted 8th note Gilmour-style line and he really liked it!

We were done in about 30 minutes and for the rest of the afternoon David showed me all the amps and guitars he’d brought for the recordings – that was memorable for sure!”

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