One of the best friends and personal assistant of the Queen legend Freddie Mercury, Peter ‘Phoebe’ Freestone threw light on a matter about Mercury’s original name in a blog post unveiling little-known details about him.

Freddie Mercury Online, an Instagram fan page which has over 63k followers, has put forth Mercury’s name issue through Peter Freestone‘s statements about his dear friend.

As you may know, Freestone, who describes himself as the chief cook, bottle washer, waiter, butler, secretary, cleaner, and agony aunt of Freddie, was Mercury’s personal assistant until his untimely death in 1991.

The closest name to Mercury since they met in 1979, Peter Freestone has been revealing the unknown side of the icon with his blog, which he initiated in 2012. Freestone has come up with some major facts about the musician by now.

In one of his posts, in which he answered the questions from Freddie’s fans, Freestone put an end to the dispute about Mercury’s real name, whether it is Farrokh or Faroukh.

Peter said both versions appear in different places, but, it is best to go by Freddie’s birth certificate which states Farrokh. He also mentioned that, in some documentary films, Freddie’s mother refers to him using the latter pronunciation.

Here’s what was said in the latest Instagram post of Freddie Mercury Online:

“Royal Freddie on stage during ‘The Magic Tour‘ in 1986❤️. Some questions answered by Peter (Phoebe) Freestone…

Was Freddie’s original name Farrokh or Faroukh?

‘Both versions appear in different places, but I think it is best to go by his birth certificate which states Farrokh. Also if you listen to Freddie’s mother in documentaries she also refers to Freddie using the latter pronunciation.'”

You can see the post below.