Psychedelic jazz-rock bassist Douglass Lubahn passed away at 72. He has played with internationally famous brands, and one of them was The Doors.

Unfortunately, the band suffered after his unexpected death. The Doors have penned an emotional letter after Doug Lubahn’s death on their official Twitter page.

In the tweet, they extend their condolences to Doug’s family, friends and fans. The band paid their respect to him for making indispensable contributions to the ‘Rock and Roll’ community, and especially The Doors.

Here’s the statement below.

“Our condolences go out to the family, friends, and fans of Doug Lubahn. Doug made indelible contributions to rock and roll, and especially to The Doors. He played bass on Strange Days, Waiting for the Sun, and Soft Parade. #RIP, Doug.”

A Twitter user named John77750299 commented and said this:

“One of the Bands that’s almost impossible to choose a favorite album. Soft Parade and Morrison Hotel are always come to mind. Ray Manzarek made a lot of bass fills with keyboard too. The story about him seeing Jim and idea to make a band is great. Nice tribute”

Another fan named IPsychotron wrote this:

“This is really sad. Rest In Peace Doug.”

Check out the tweet below.