In a recent interview on Q104.3 New York, the co-founder and drummer of The Doors, John Densmore, talked about his experience performing with Coldplay’s Chris Martin during Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra’s 100th season-opening concert and gala.

John Densmore co-founded The Doors back in 1965 and remained a member of the band until its dissolution in 1974. Later on, Densmore continued his music career by forming the Butts Band in 1973 with the remaining members of The Doors, which also dissolved in 1975.

He is also known for his ongoing career as a songwriter, author, and actor. During a recent conversation with Q104.3 Densmore talked about his experience performing with Los Angeles Philharmonic which must have been special for him as he developed his piano playing and drumming skills in his school’s marching band and also played timpani in an orchestra when he was growing up.

In 2018, Densmore was invited to perform in Los Angeles Philharmonic’s 100th season-opening concert and gala. He performed The Door’s ‘L.A. Woman‘ during the concert organized by Gustavo Dudamel themed ‘California Soul’ which was also attended by Chris Martin.

Densmore performed alongside Chris Martin, and in the recent interview, he shared his positive views about his experience and said that he had a good time being on the stage with Chris Martin.

Here’s what John Densmore said in the interview when he was asked whether he performed with Chris Martin:

“This is true. There’s just a young wunderkind here in LA, Gustavo Dudamel, who is just so gifted that he conducts from the memory of Beethoven and all that stuff. And, yeah, we did a fundraiser and played ‘L.A. Woman’ with Chris Martin of Coldplay.”

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