Joe Walsh, the songwriter and guitarist of The Eagles, has invited his fans to join him as he spins some music for them on ‘Joe Walsh Old-Fashioned Rock & Roll Radio Show.

Since the summer tour of The Eagles was postponed as a result of the global pandemic, Walsh has found a new and productive way to reach out to his fans through music again. He has become the host of his own radio show, in which he aims to bring back the old fashion rock and roll.

Joe Walsh has announced as the weekend comes that the time has come again for his show. He shared the details about the ways of access to his coming radio show on his latest Instagram post.

Began to host the show through the end of May, Walsh has continued with the new episodes of ‘Old-Fashioned Rock & Roll Radio Show’ on every Saturday on a southern California public radio station.

Knowing that COVID-19 has affected the public radio station, Walsh has asked how he could help the station by reaching out to the programmers. Joe Walsh who has been a listener and supporter of the station said that such acts are important for the local progress in these hard times.

Here is what Walsh said on his Instagram post to announce his radio show:

“How ya doin??!! Here comes the weekend and it’s time for me to spin some music for you! Join me tomorrow night for my show, the Joe Walsh Old-Fashioned Rock & Roll Radio Show from 6-8pm PST on the Independent 88.5FM, my community radio station, which you can also access at KCSN and KSBR 88.5 HD1 channels, or via the 88.5 app, and online.”

You can see the post of Walsh below and check out the details about the radio show here.