The drummer of The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale, spoke in a recent interview with the Rolling Stone Magazine and revealed how Joe Walsh has been doing during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the conversation, Vitale mentioned that he has been in touch with Walsh almost every day and said that he is doing great. However, he is so bored with being stuck in the house and wants to play in front of the audience again.

Furthermore, Vitale revealed that they were talking about getting together with the band members in January 2021 and start some recording sessions for the band’s newest project. In this way, Vitale confirmed that they are planning to release some music in the upcoming years.

Interviewer asked:

“Are you in touch with Joe Walsh? Is he doing OK?”

Joe Vitale replied:

“I talk to him all the time. He’s fantastic. Bored to death. He wants to play. He wants to record.

We’re talking about maybe in January getting together and starting to record a bit. We’re all trying to stay healthy and safe. I don’t want to look back on 2020. I want to forget about it someday.”

Interviewer asked:

“Are you able to envision a day when you retire?”

Joe Vitale responded:

“Only when I can’t do what I do now and when I don’t play well or feel good about myself playing out there. If I start to slip, I’ll accept that. At this point, I don’t see retirement.

Ringo is 80 and he’s playing gigs. I love the man. So, no, I don’t see that. It’s a lifelong love affair, this music business.

I’ll tell you what I’m looking forward to – the first rock ‘n’ roll shows of 2021. They are going to be crazy. People are going to be so out of their minds to get out since they’ve been deprived of rock ‘n’ roll. It’s going to be fantastic. I’m looking forward to it.”

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