The Beatles drummer and The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh recently had an interview with The Rolling Stone and revealed lots of things about his alcohol & drug addiction.

Walsh also stated that always had a votka in his bag, and he was always trying to hide his alcohol addiction.

Rolling Stone asked:

“When did you make the decision though to become a public advocate?”

Joe Walsh responded:

I realized that I do more good showing people that there’s life after addiction. So I decided it’s okay to go public because everybody knew anyway, and if I save one life showing that there’s life after addiction I feel good about it. I believe that’s part of why I lived.

Rolling Stone said:

“What was it like to become a public figure for something you tried for years to keep hidden?”

Joe Walsh:

“I always tried to hide it. I had my vodka in a bag. Nobody knew. When really, half the world knew I was a mess. So, anonymity didn’t exist for me.

Rolling Stone:

What changed your mind?

Joe Walsh replied:

“I got sober because of a fellowship of men and women who were sober alcoholics. That’s how I got sober. After a couple years, I talked about [my sobriety] with other alcoholics and tried to help them.

The only person who can get somebody else sober is somebody who’s been there and done that.

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