The Eagles’ guitarist and keyboardist Joe Walsh shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing the new episode of his radio show and gave his fans the opportunity to ask him questions to be later answered on the show.

As you might know, Joe Walsh has been hosting a radio show named ‘Old Fashioned Rock N Roll Radio Show‘ on 88.5 FM since May 2020 during which he often answers questions from his fans about music and much more.

Since coronavirus grounded Joe Walsh and his Eagle bandmates from a planned summer tour, Walsh apparently reached out to see how he could help and offered to host a show while he was homebound according to the official website of his radio show.

The ‘Old Fashioned Rock N Roll Radio Show’ is aired every Saturday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m and for this week’s show, Joe Walsh shared a post on his official Instagram page reminding his fans to ask him questions for the show through social media accounts with a hashtag.

Walsh also warned his fans about the precautions against COVID-19 and stated that all should wear a mask, wash their hands, and mind their social distance in their daily lives.

Here is what Walsh said:

“Hey how you doing??? I’ve been spending some time in the Rocky Mountain Way and now I am back and ready to play you some great music. I will also be answering some of your #JustAskJoe questions so tune in tomorrow night from 6-8 pm PST on, or on KCSN and KSBR 88.5 HD1 channels, or via the 88.5 app. And if you miss it – or missed any of the others – remember you can also access all my shows so far in the archives. Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay six feet from yourself.”

You can see the Instagram post below and click here to listen to the radio show.