The legendary guitarist of The Eagles, Joe Walsh, posted a video of himself to express his wishes for Christmas on Instagram and invited fans who feel alone during this holiday season to join him for the new episode of his radio show.

As you might remember, Joe Walsh has been hosting his hour-long weekly program named ‘Joe Walsh Old Fashioned Rock and Roll Radio Showon 88.5 FM since the beginning of self-quarantine days due to the coronavirus pandemic. To describe his highly-anticipated show, Walsh previously stated:

“My show will be a mixture of music I love, music I think people will want to hear, and stories behind some of these songs that I’m pretty sure no one knows about.”

Recently on Instagram, Joe Walsh shared a video of himself taken at his house in front of his colorful Christmas tree. In the video, Joe urged his fans to join him for the new episode of his radio show which will be aired on the day after Christmas. Walsh also mentioned that he will be playing his favorite records for his Christmas special show.

Here is what Joe Walsh said in the video he shared:

“Joe Walsh here! How are you doing? I wanted to invite you to my radio show the day after Christmas, on Saturday at 6 pm at 885FM. I’m going to be playing, in my opinion, the best records ever. All the best for this holiday season from me.”

In addition, in the caption of his post, Walsh addressed to those who feel alone during this holiday season mostly due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Joe reminded them they are not alone and he is thinking of them. The Eagles icon invited his fans who are looking for a way to spend a good time during this weekend to his radio show. He also asked fans to wear a mask and wash their hands to stay safe at the time of this pandemic.

Here’s what Walsh stated in the caption of his post:

“Ho ho ho how you doing?!!! I want to send a shout out to all those on their own this holiday season and let you know I’m thinking of you! And if you are looking for something to do this weekend that has nothing to do with the holidays – join me tomorrow night for another episode of the ‘JoeWalsh Old Fashioned Radio Show’ when I will play the best 40 records ever!.

Tune in 6-8pmPST on, or on KCSN and KSBR 88.5 HD1 channels, or via the 88.5 app – See ya there!!! And remember – stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands, and stay six feet from yourself.”

You can watch the video Joe Walsh posted on his Instagram account below.