The Eagles’ famous guitarist and keyboardist Joe Walsh, recently posted a photo on his Instagram account and surprised his fans with his announcements considering his belated birthday party.

Joe Walsh is one of the rockstars who has had the longest and most active career. He has been a member of successful bands and pursued his music career as a solo artist for more than 50 years.

As you may know, Joe Walsh’s birthday was on the 20th of November which he seems to have enjoyed to the fullest. However, apparently, the celebrations are not over as Walsh invited his fans and followers to join him at a party which is also for a good cause.

One thing is for sure, that Joe Walsh enjoys making music and sharing it with people. Thus, his new post-birthday plans go along those lines. Walsh surprised his fans and followers with an after-birthday event that they can all attend, no matter where they are.

In his latest Instagram post, Joe Walsh announced that on the 12th of December he will be performing at the 4th Annual Vets Aid streaming concert event. He invited all his fans and followers while giving details about the tickets.

Joe Walsh has been thanking his friends, family, fans, and followers for their beautiful birthday wishes through his Instagram account. Also, for the past week, he has been posting about the virtual hang-outs he has planned so that he spends his birthday week with his fans.

As you may know on Saturday 21 November, he will be going live at 885.FM for the Joe Walsh Old Fashioned Radio Show. It seems like the Vet Aid concert will be the after-show. Joe Walsh’s love and dedication to his fans are apparent as he’s trying to stay connected with them even throughout the pandemic.

The money that he raised for the radio show on the 21st of November, was in support of his local 885 radio channel. On the other hand, the money that they will be raised in support of the veterans will be donated to Veterans Aid. Joe Walsh has found the best way both to stay connected to his fans and give back to the people.

Here’s what Joe Walsh said in the caption of his latest post:

“Hey, how are you doing? I wanna say thanks for a wonderful birthday, everyone! Let’s keep the party going! Come join me on December 12 for our 4th annual Vets Aid streaming concert event.

It’s going to be a great show and everyone is invited – fans can join from all over the world through the Veeps website. Tickets available through the link in my bio and at Veeps Vets Aid event webpage.”

You can check out the photo that Joe Walsh posted on his Instagram account below.