After The Eagles’ guitarist Joe Walsh posted an unexpected ‘bromance’ photo with his old-time friend and AC/DC icon Brian Johnson, there were lots of rumors that claiming Joe is working on an album or some new project with AC/DC.

Yesterday, Walsh wrote a recent tweet on his verified Twitter account and clarified if they are working on new stuff with Brian Johnson.

Here is what Joe wrote:

“To set the record straight – ‘THERE IS NO RECORD IN THE WORKS BETWEEN BRIAN AND I’ We were simply having a bit of fun together, we are musicians after all!”

A user named Jimbo commented on the tweet and said:

“If….y’all decide to do so, holler at me and we’ll all go down to Muscle Shoals??? I’d be glad to assist, in any capacity. The Neve works real good and the tape machines do, too. . All the love, Joe!!”

Another user named Dani:

“Release it anyway 😍”

You can see the tweets below: