The official and verified Twitter account of the daytime show, ‘The Talk,’ has shared a new gif that shows a moment from the show’s latest episode in which the hosts were attended from their homes.

As you already know, many television shows take place with live chat participation from the hosts’ houses due to the coronavirus epidemic.

If you look at the gif, If you look at the gif, you will notice that Sharon Osbourne did not participate in the show. Fans drew attention to this situation and expressed that they worried about ‘where Sharon was.’

A Twitter fan named Rene Johnson wondered and asked where Sharon Osbourne was. The official page immediately replied to the fan and said that she was unable to participate in live chat because of some technical difficulties. Here’s the conversation below.

The Twitter page of The Talk wrote:

“Let’s talk!”

The fan named Rene Johnson asked:

“Where is Sharon?”

The page answered:

“Sharon Osbourne had technical difficulties :(“

Check out the tweets below.