On his official Twitter account, the original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney has posted two new photos in which he was showing the vinyl version of Iron Maiden’s 1980 self-titled album. 

If you look at that album’s tracklisting and band members, you have to accept that it’s one of the most iconic albums of the band. It contains Remember Tomorrow with the vocals from Paul Di’Anno.

Ron McGovney has shared the story behind that album and said that he and James Hetfield tried to play ‘Remember Tomorrow’ for their band, Leather Charm.

Here’s how Ron recalled that days:

“I bought this Iron Maiden album when I was in high school in 1980. James and I used this exact album to learn the song Remember Tomorrow for our band Leather Charm.

It is very used, but it has a great history. I will put it up on eBay soon. I will share a link when it’s up.”

See the original tweet below.

In 2016, Metallica and James Hetfield paid their tribute to Iron Maiden by playing Remember Tomorrow and put it on the extended box-set version of the recent Metallica album, ‘Hardwired… To Self-Destruct.’