Autograph announced that bassist Randy Rand has passed away on the band’s official social media platforms.

Randy Rand came from Sunset Strip in the 1970s like many other significant names such as Ratt and Mötley Crüe. Rand was an experienced bassist when he became a part of the glam metal band Autograph.

Autograph gained fame with the hair metal song ‘Turn Up The Radio,’ achieving mainstream popularity. The song is the band’s only major hit used in various movies. It is still considered the signature song of Autograph.

After the band’s last breakup, Steve Lynch, Randy Rand, and Keni Richards reunited in 2013. The band released several singles, a live version of ‘Turn up the Radio,’ and toured in the US from then until now. After the death of Keni Richards in 2017, another heartbreaking news came from the band the previous day.

As they announced, the founding member and the bassist of Autograph, Randy Rand, passed away. The band mentioned that despite their sadness, they were content that Rand spent his last years creating what he liked.

As the band members said, Rand was an optimistic and open-minded person who could impress people with his enthusiasm. Autograph members also added that he was a talented musician who created a strong connection with his fans.

The band wrote on their official Facebook page:

“It is with great sorrow and heavy hearts to announce the unexpected passing of our cherished friend and founding member of Autograph, Randy Rand. Although beyond devastated, we find some comfort and solace knowing the last couple of years have been some of his happiest as an artist and as a performer.

Randy was the consummate optimist and was so excited to see the new direction, creativity, and renewed energy with the band. You could feel his excitement, as it was quite palpable with his playing abilities, performances, and the way he interacted with his beloved fans.”

The bassist Randy Rand passed away, leaving successful works and devastated fans behind him. According to his band members, Rand was so passionate about the music he created and was pleased to be in contact with his fans throughout his long-time music career.