Angus and Malcolm Young formed AC/DC in Sydney in 1973. The band gained great fame and popularity with the help of its remarkable lyrics and distinctive sound. Even though the band had been through several line-up changes, the Young brothers preserved the band’s success for years.

Unfortunately, Angus Young had to continue alone after his brother Malcolm’s death on November 18, 2017, caused by the effects of dementia. However, they will always be remembered as the brothers who started at the bottom and finished on top despite their harsh living conditions during their childhood.

Angus and Malcolm Young Had To Live Under Heavy Circumstances

Angus and Malcolm were born in Scotland and spent their childhood there under heavy circumstances because of poverty until their parents decided to immigrate to Australia due to The Big Freeze of 1963. They lived in the Cranhill district of Glasgow and had to use the water that came from contaminated pipes.

The family blamed these contaminated pipes for Young Brothers’ small stature as they were always smaller and shorter than their peers since their childhood. According to their parents, they could have been taller if they had lived under better conditions in Glasgow back then.

So, it can be said that the Young brothers overcame every difficulty in their lives, including poverty, immigration, and differences in their outlook. They became one of the most successful and popular rock bands in the world, which made them very popular and multi-millionaires.