The Beatles’ world-famous founder, co-lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist, John Lennon, has left his mark with his often hopeful and uniting messages within his songs and speeches. However, a recent article revealed that he was not always a happygolucky guy but just like everyone, he had his own demons.

The iconic English singer, songwriter, and activist was often known for his kindness, optimism, and faith in humanity but as it turns out, that wasn’t how he treated the people around him. To begin with, he was a serial cheater and it is known that he cheated on his ex-wife Cynthia Powell numerous times with different partners.

His most famous affair was with Yoko Ono for whom he left Cynthia Powell but didn’t quit his cheating habit. Although Yoko Ono is often blamed for ‘breaking up the band‘ it was actually John Lennon who pushed for a co-dependent relationship. As it turns out Lennon was quite a jealous and obsessive partner and would often make Yoko Ono follow him everywhere, such as the studio or even the bathroom.

As you probably know, Lenon had a troubled childhood as his father left him at an early age and he never had a stable family life with his mother. He never recovered from these traumas and projected them to his only son Julian. The housekeeper revealed that Lenon was rarely spending time with Julian and when he did, he would lash out for minor reasons, such as table manners, and even physically abuse him.

Furthermore, he often used illegal substances which he would leave lying around the house making it a very dangerous space for a child to grow up in. All these could be interpreted as signs of a person that was struggling with mental health issues. Lennon had disclosed in an interview that was published two days after his passing that he struggled with severe depression.

He had said that some days were so overwhelming that he would ‘like to jump out the window.’ Lennon added that his song ‘Help!‘ was a literal cry for help as he struggled with depression and felt really bad about himself. The lyrics ‘Help me get my feet back on the ground / Won’t you please, please help me?’ make a whole lot more sense now that we know Lennon was a troubled soul himself.

His complicated childhood and challenging later life cannot in any way be considered as excuses for him to mistreat the people in his life but they definitely help us understand the troubled life that Lennon led. It looks like there were a lot of people that tried to help Lennon during his troubled times but it seems like the wounds were deeper than people could reach.

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