Parents can significantly influence their children’s lives with their perspectives towards every part of life. In general, families either choose to support their children’s individual decisions or try to create another version of themselves without considering their passions and interests.

Unfortunately, most parents choose the second option to make children accomplish what they couldn’t years ago. However, the late Pantera guitarist and co-founder, Dimebag Darrell, was one children their families have supported. His father Jerry Abbott, who is a country music songwriter and producer, was always there when his son needed it.

Dimebag Darrell’s Father Jerry Abbott Made Great Contributions To Dimebag’s Career

Dimebag Darrell found his greatest passion when he was very young. He had a great interest and talent in music. He learned how to play the guitar at the age of twelve, and he founded a metal band named Pantera with his brother Vinnie Paul when he was fifteen years old. One year later, the band released their debut studio album ‘Metal Magic.’

As a country musician and producer, his father, Jerry Abbott, was Darrell’s primary source of inspiration and motivation when Darrell decided to pursue a professional musical career. His brother and bandmate, Vinnie Paul, revealed that Darrell would visit his father twice a week with new songs they wanted to learn as a band, and Jerry would pick the notes and teach them.

Darrell’s brother Vinnie Paul recalled these times, saying:

“My mom and dad separated when he was 14, and every Wednesday and Thursday, he would go to my dad’s house, and he would pick one or two songs that we wanted to learn as a band and my dad would pick the notes out and teach them to Dime.

Eventually, he could pick them out on his own but it really helped him out. My dad was definitely an influence on him in the early days.”

Even though he was interested in country music, Jerry respected his son’s decision to create and perform metal music. He also became the producer of Pantera’s early works, ‘Metal Magic,’ ‘Projects in the Jungle,’ ‘I Am the Night,’ and ‘Power Metal.’ So, it can be said that Pantera owes a significant part of their success to Dimebag’s hard work and their father, Jerry Abbott’s support.