The official Instagram account of Orphaned Land posted a picture of their lead singer Kobi Farhi and shared a statement to raise awareness about the current problems of the live music industry due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As you may know, the Israeli heavy metal band Orphaned Land, which was founded back in 1991 under a different name, has been widely known as the pioneers of the oriental metal music genre.

The band released their latest album titled ‘Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs’ on January 26, 2018. Later that year, the video of their song, ‘Like Orpheus,’ won an award in the category of Video Of The Year at Progressive Music Awards.

Recently, the official Instagram account of Orphaned Land posted a photo of their frontman Kobi Farhi to make a statement about the current issues in the music industry. As you may already know, the live music industry has taken a hit with the global spread of coronavirus which caused the postponement and cancelation of many live events around the world.

Both the musicians and the crew members have been struggling to provide income to their families. There have been some foundations that started campaigns to aid the tour crew members who suffered the most due to the coronavirus restrictions.

In their latest Instagram post, Orphaned Land members urged their fans to take a look at the works of the community named ‘Epic Struggle for Survival‘ and participate in their campaigns to help the showbusiness workers in need.

Here’s what the statement suggested:

“The live music industry is in a very tough position currently during the Pandemic.
The tour crew members are at home since March without any work nor income. Many of them are forced to find other jobs.

This is becoming a serious issue, as eventually the COVID-19 crisis will be gone, and we are able to tour again, However, without a professional crew, we can’t make any concerts. We all need each other!

Please support the cause by clicking here.”

You can see the Instagram post below.