Mary Austin was known as the love of Freddie Mercury’s life and his best friend, and although the pair parted ways in 1976, they remained close until the legendary frontman’s passing. Even though Freddie had proposed to Mary Austin back in those days, she eventually decided to marry someone else.

Mary Austin and Freddie were so close to the extent that Mary was the one responsible for Freddie’s personal finances, who also made sure his work run smoothly. In addition to that, Mary was the one person Freddie trusted to scatter his ashes after his death in a secret place. Mercury also left almost his entire fortune to Mary, including his house and half of his future income from the band Queen.

Their love story was also told in the biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and Freddie is known to have proposed Mary Austin in 1973,  and writing the song ‘Love Of My Life’ for her. Leaving Austin speechless with his proposal, Freddie could not ignore his attraction towards men even after their engagement. His sexual orientation and several affairs with men resulted in the pair’s split up, and even after that, they were almost inseparable. Mary was the one holding Freddie’s hand when he died on November 24, 1991.

Although they had strongly bonded, Mary Austin went on to marry an English businessman named Piers Cameron. The couple first met in 1978, five years after Freddie’s proposal, and dated for a long time until their marriage in 1990. Blessed with their children named Richard and James, the pair then split in 1993 

Piers Cameron was born in 1949 in England and despite his fame after his marriage to Mary Austin, little is known about him apart from his relationship with her. Known as the son of a businessman, Piers also pursued a career of being a businessman. Tending to have a private life, Piers Cameron has no presence on social media platforms. After his divorce from Mary Austin, he continued living alone and is currently 72 years old.

As for Mary Austin, she still lives a quiet life in Freddie’s mansion in London. Now divorced, she has been married twice, with only two sons from her marriage with Piers Cameron. Mary Austin also receives a fortune from the royalties and gets a portion of the income from the successful biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’