Hardcore Metallica fans know that the band’s original guitarist was Megadeth founder Dave Mustaine. He reached out to Metallica drummer and founder, Lars Ulrich, who had released an advertisement in a local newspaper to find a guitarist for his new band.

In the beginning, Ulrich and Hetfield enjoyed jamming and producing works with Mustaine. However, he was fired in 1983 due to his overly aggressive behaviors fueled by alcohol and drug abuse. Even though Mustaine was both angry and sad about getting fired from Metallica, he continued to wear the same accessory with Hetfield.

Dave Mustaine Wore A Bullet Belt Like James Hetfield In The ‘Holy Wars…The Punishment Due’ Video

Although Dave Mustaine initially regarded his departure from Metallica as the end of his professional musical career, it was actually just the beginning. Within the same year, Mustaine founded Megadeth with David Ellefson and reached great fame and popularity with their works.

Megadeth’s ‘Holy Wars…The Punishment Due’ was the opening song of the band’s fourth studio album, ‘Rust in Peace,’ and it received very positive reviews from both critics and fans. Its music video consisted of Megadeth’s concert footage, and in one of them, Mustaine was seen wearing a similar bullet belt to James Hetfield’s.

Consequently, Mustaine wearing the bullet belt, his former bandmate James Hetfield’s key accessory, can be considered a message to Papa Het that Mustaine was his biggest opponent on the metal scene.

You can watch the music video below.