The British legend in metal music, Ozzy Osbourne, announced on his social media accounts that he is the new presidential candidate in the coming US election, scheduled for November 3.

As the presidential election is pretty soon now, the music industry began to produce its own names as the brand new candidates for the presidency. Not long ago, Kanye West revealed the news that he runs for president. Later, Mike Shinoda quipped about his candidateship.

Now the metal world seems to released its candidate, Ozzy Osbourne, according to the update on the musician’s website. Recently, ‘Ozzy For President‘ inscription took part in his merchandise of official online store. The slogan was first released back in 1984. T-shirts, hoodies, lithographs, bumper stickers, and buttons were produced under the catchword.

A campaign-like video was shared on Osbourne’s Facebook page and some of the most renowned quotes of him were included in the video.

Here are the lines from the video:

“Out of everything I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most!”

It could be worse… I could be Sting.”

Maybe it’s not too late to learn how to love and forget how to hate.”

To see more details about the news, you can check on the link and you can see the Facebook video of Osbourne below.

Ozzy For President

It’s time for an entirely new candidate…

Gepostet von Ozzy Osbourne am Dienstag, 7. Juli 2020