Nancy Wilson, the guitarist and backing vocalist of Heart, told a story about iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen revealing the fact that Van Halen did not have an acoustic guitar until Wilson gave him one, during an interview with Lazer 103.3.

Heart originally formed in 1970 by Steve Fossen, Roger Fisher, David Belzer, and Jeff Johnson and evolve from an existing band named White Heart. However, since 1973, Ann Wilson and Nancy Wilson have been vocalists for the band alongside playing guitar.

During her appearance, Nancy Wilson was asked about deceased Eddie Van Halen and she told an old story back when Heart was opening for him. Wilson revealed a shocking fact about Van Halen, apparently, he did not have an acoustic guitar and Wilson gave him one.

Here is the story from Nancy Wilson:

“My favorite Eddie story to tell – we were opening for Van Halen and traveling with Van Halen for a while, and he was telling me one time, ‘I really like the way you play your acoustic guitar.’

And I said, ‘Gosh, coming from you, that means a lot. How come you never play acoustic?‘ And he said, ‘Well, I don’t really have an acoustic.’ I’m like, ‘What? You’ve got one now because I’m handing you this one.'”

Later on, Wilson opened up about the next day and stated that Van Halen did not sleep and created an outstanding piece. Wilson also praised Van Halen and referred to him as a genuine, sweet, and wonderful person.

She continued:

“And so later the next morning – like, in the early hours – he calls my hotel room because we didn’t have cell phones then yet, and I picked up and he’s like, ‘Man, I’ve been up all night.’

And he played me this really beautiful, just excellent, gorgeous piece, almost like a rock classical, you know, an instrumental piece, and I’m like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve never heard anything quite like that.’

And I guess I still have no idea if he ever recorded that. I said, ‘You have to record that.’ If it exists somewhere, we’ll probably find out now that he’s not around anymore. He was as sweet as they come, and just a genuine, wonderful guy.

You can see the source of the statements here.