Ex Guns N’ Roses guitarist attended Chuck Shute’s YouTube channel and talked about his love for horror movies. The guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal named the film he acted in, but his scene got deleted because it was very bloody.

Bumblefoot contributed to Guns N’ Roses’ most successful album, ‘Chinese Democracy,’ and took place in the video release of ‘Appetite for Democracy 3D.’ Initially, he was not very welcomed by the band because most of the members didn’t want a third guitarist. But later, he gained their respect and stuck with them for eight years.

After Guns N’ Roses, the guitarist continued as a solo artist and then became the guitarist of Sons of Apollo, with whom he is still performing. During his career, he was also involved in making music for movies and TV shows, and according to IMDB, he has contributed to eight titles.

In his recent interview, he talked about his love for horror movies, and he revealed that he acted in ‘The Evangelist’ in which he was also the music supervisor. However, he stated that the scene he was in was so explicitly bloody that they edited that scene down and made it less bloody.

Here is how he described his scene:

“There was one horror movie where I got hit over the back of the head with a bottle and come out of it, and I’m strapped in a dude’s basement. He slices my throat, and they actually edited that scene down. I have a version of it where you see the cut and the blood and everything. He lifts my beard and slices my throat, but I think in the version that the distributor has, they took that out, I think.”

The guitarist continued to talk about his favorite movies and confessed that even if something is banned in the USA, he manages to watch them. He didn’t want to reveal how he gets access to those movies, which makes one think that he downloads them illegally. Regardless, it seems like aside from being a successful guitarist, he is a passionate horror fan as well. 

You can watch the full interview below.

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