The daughter of British icon and rock guitarist Eric Clapton, Ruth Clapton-Bartlett has surprised the fans of his father with her taste in music which seems highly irrelevant to Clapton’s music.

Ruth Clapton-Bartlett has shared how hyped she is with the lately-released single of Cardi B, ‘WAP.’ She expressed her honest opinion about the song and said that she loved it. Clapton-Bartlett even admitted that if she didn’t have two kids in her house with her constantly, she would put the song on repeat and at full volume.

Ruth also retweeted the fellow Cardi B fan and British actress Jameela Jamil’s tweet in which she said she could listen to ‘WAP’ all day. Utterly different from the genres Eric Clapton has worked on, the pop and rap music seem more appealing to the daughter of the legendary guitarists, as she has revealed on Twitter.

Here is what Ruth Clapton-Bartlett said about the song of Cardi B:

So here for ‘WAP.’ If I didn’t have two kids in my house with me constantly, it would be on repeat and at full volume!”

She also retweeted Jameela Jamil’s tweet in which she said:

Could listen to WAP’ all day.”

Ruth replied as:


You can see Ruth Clapton-Bartlett’s tweets below.