Pink Floyd‘s guitarist and co-lead vocalist David Gilmour‘s wife Polly Samson posted a photo of her dear friend Sarah Lee on her birthday and clarified the mystery behind her previous post that created confusion among the fans.

As you might remember, last week, Pink Floyd icon David Gilmour‘s wife and novelist Polly Samson posted a photo of a woman and a man wearing masks and walking around nature. On the caption of her post, Samson wrote ‘John and Sarah‘ and did not share any further information about the identities of the two.

In the comment section of the photo, Polly’s fans and followers posted several comments asking if the woman in the picture was David Gilmour’s daughter Sarah or not. The identity of the man named John next to her was also questioned by the fans. However, Polly Samson didn’t share any explanation about the people in her photo.

Recently on Instagram, Samson posted the photos of her dear friend Sarah M. Lee to celebrate her birthday. On the caption of her post, she referred to Sarah as the ‘finest of friends‘ and send her love from the Gilmour family.

Here’s what Polly Samson stated on the caption of her post:

“Happy birthday to the finest of friends, Sarah M. Lee with love from us all. ❤️🧡💛”

However, Polly’s new post resolved the mystery behind her previous photo revealing Sarah was actually a close family friend and John was her lovely husband.

You can see the photos Polly Samson posted on her Instagram account below.