It looks like Marilyn Manson might manage to escape cancel-culture after getting invited to Kanye West’s recent listening party even though he has been accused of sexual assault and battering by fifteen women.

‘Cancel Culture’ is a concept that makes people feel like they have power over celebrities. When a famous person does something that could offend some people in society, and a group of people reacts to this, the celebrity’s career might end, and he might get canceled from the industry so that he doesn’t cause any further damage.

As you may know, Marilyn Manson was recently accused of sexual assault by over fifteen women who came forward after Evan Rachel Wood opened up about her traumatic relationship with Manson. Manson denied the allegations claiming that all his relationships were consensual, but not everybody believed him, and therefore, his record label Loma Vista cut ties with him.

Just when everyone thought Manson got canceled, Kanye West invited him to the listening party of his new album ‘Donda’ and gave him credits for co-writing the song ‘Jail Pt 2.’ The record company Loma Vista’s distribution is done by Universal Music, which is related to Kanye West’s record label G.O.O.D Music.

Because Kanye took Manson under his wings even after the sexual assault allegations, Manson’s career might not end after all. Of course, hearing this, a lot of people were annoyed. Especially Evan Rachel Wood, who posted a video of her singing at a club New Radicals’ ‘You Get What You Give.’ In the part where the lyrics say ‘Marilyn Manson,’ she raised her middle finger and encouraged strength to the other survivors.

Here is what she said in the caption:

“‘You get what you give.’ 

For my fellow survivors who got slapped in the face this week, I love you. Don’t give up.

West’s listening party was a huge hit and attracted a lot of attention as it featured two controversial figures; DaBaby and Manson. Even though a big record company like Loma Vista dropped Manson, it is surprising to see that he might be able to continue his career as if nothing happened after all. 

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