Pantera is undoubtedly one of the most successful and influential bands in heavy metal history, having sold around 40 million records worldwide. Although the band is often mentioned with the band members’ personal lives, Pantera actually released a number of monumental albums.

While there are numerous unique aspects of each of their 9 studio albums, one of their records includes a special song named ‘Goddamn Electric.’ The reason behind why the track is so exceptional is that it doesn’t only include Dimebag Darrell, but it also has Slayer guitarist Kerry King on the guitar and we’re here to break down the story behind it.

Kerry King Recorded The Guitar Outro For A Pantera Song

Pantera released its ninth and final studio album name ‘Reinventing the Steel‘ on March 21, 2000. The album was commercially successful as it reached No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart and held its position in the chart for over 12 weeks as well as being certified gold by the RIAA.

The album was recorded by the four main members of the band; lead singer Phil Anselmo, late guitarist Dimebag Darrell, bassist Rex Brown, and late drummer Vinnie Paul. However, the record also included one additional musician and it was the Slayer guitarist Kerry King.

Following the 1999 Ozzfest in Dallas, Kerry King recorded the guitar outro for Pantera’s second single named ‘Goddamn Electric’ from their 2000 album. Unexpectedly, the outro was recorded in the band’s bathroom after the conclusion of the festival since Pantera didn’t have their own dressing room and did not appear on the festival bill.

The guitar outro remained the only guitar part in the album that wasn’t recorded by Dimebag Darrell himself and the song became one of the most loved Patera songs of all time. The ending riff, recorded by King, is also praised by numerous fans as it gives a certain dimension and high energy to the track.

You can listen to ‘Goddamn Electric’ below.