Pearl Jam bass guitarist and songwriter Jeff Ament spoke in a recent interview with Kerrang! Magazine and revealed how Eddie Vedder wrote the song ‘Quick Escape.’

In the conversation, Jeff was asked how the rehearsals are going and how he feels about returning to the stage following the lockdown restrictions, especially after releasing a new record last year.

As you may recall, in March 2020, Pearl Jam released their eleventh studio album, ‘Gigaton.’ Due to the ongoing pandemic, they didn’t get a chance to go on a tour to promote their new record, but this is about to change.

While speaking about their upcoming shows, Jeff mentioned that he is very excited to play ‘Quick Escape’ and ‘Dance Of The Clairvoyants’ because he feels like they are really fun songs to perform. Afterward, he talked about the story of ‘Quick Escape.’

As Jeff said, ‘Quick Escape’ is a new thing for the band and said that Eddie Vedder wrote it from Freddie Mercury and Zanzibar’s perspective, which is why it feels so fantastic.

Jeff Ament said about ‘Quick Escape’ in the interview:

“Oh, man, but the ‘Gigaton’ songs are… We spent about two weeks on those songs, and then the rug got pulled out, and I got into this world. I just haven’t been thinking about anything Pearl Jam for so long that I’m sort of nervous.

But, man, I can’t wait to play ‘Dance Of The Clairvoyants’ and ‘Quick Escape.’ Both those songs are gonna be really fun. When Ed wrote the lyrics to ‘Quick Escape,’ there was an instant visual to that track.

It was a brand new thing – he wrote from a perspective I’d never heard him write from with Freddie Mercury and Zanzibar and all that stuff which is just so fantastic.

It’s almost like a little tip of the cap to Andy, because Andy was such a Freddie Mercury fan. ‘Seven O’Clock’ is gonna be good, too. I think there could be some journeys that those songs go on.”

You can listen to the song below.