An Instagram account dedicated to the 1970s rock music icons named ‘Back To The 70s’ posted a photo of blues guitarist Eric Clapton and lead guitarist of The Beatles George Harrison, taken by Harrison’s wife Pattie Boyd, who turned out to be the biggest love of Clapton.

As you might know, the British rock and blues guitarist Eric Clapton and The Beatles’ lead guitarist George Harrison were the parts of a love triangle with English model and photographer Pattie Boyd.

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd got married on January 21, 1966, with a lovely ceremony with Paul McCartney as Harrison’s best man. Harrison’s love for Pattie Boyd inspired him to write one of the best Beatles songs, ‘Something‘ which was released on their 1969 album ‘Abbey Road.’

However, in the following years of their marriage, the couple diverged from each other mostly because of alcohol and drug overuse, and numerous affairs. Right around the same time, George Harrison began working with Eric Clapton and they became close friends in time. George, Eric, and Pattie started spending most of their time together, which led Clapton’s falling in love with his dear friend’s wife.

An Instagram account dedicated to the 1970s rock music icons posted a rare photo from the very first days of one of the biggest love triangles of rock and roll history. As you will see in the photo below, Eric Clapton and George Harrison were enjoying a drink together while Harrison’s wife Pattie took a photo of them.

Here’s how they described the rare photo of rock music legends:

“A candid photo of Eric Clapton and George Harrison in 1976, photographed by Pattie Boyd. Pattie was George’s wife at the time, although she would go on to marry Eric in 1979.

One day, Pattie Boyd received an anonymous love letter from someone who signed it as ‘E.’ A few days later, Clapton revealed it was his letter by asking Boyd whether she received the letter or not. Moreover, Eric asked her to listen to a new song he had written. The song was Clapton’s ‘Layla‘ which described a man who fell in love with a woman who also loved him but wasn’t available.

In 1974, Pattie Boyd broke up with George Harrison due to his continuous affairs with various women including Ringo Starr’s wife. Five years after her divorce, Boyd got married to Eric Clapton. Although the couple spent several happy years together, Pattie left Clapton in 1987 and divorced him in 1989. Eric Clapton later revealed he was an alcoholic who was often abusive towards Boyd.

Pattie Boyd revealed the details of her complicated love triangle with George Harrison and Eric Clapton in her autobiography named ‘Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Me‘ which was published in 2007.

You can see the photo of Eric Clapton and George Harrison taken by Pattie Boyd below.