In an interview with Cos, English folk-rock singer Roy Harper revealed how he was hired by Roger Waters and David Gilmour to sing a Pink Floyd song that they both couldn’t manage to sing.

Recently, the British fol musician Roy Harper joined a conversation with Consequence of Sound to talk about the turning points of his 50-year-old music career. During the interview, Harper answered questions about his collaboration with Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters and David Gilmour and revealed the iconic Pink Floyd song he was hired to sing.

Apparently, back in 1975, Roy Harper was recording his album in the studio next to Pink Floyd members were recording their ninth studio album, ‘Wish You Were Here.’ While they were working on the album’s lead single ‘Have a Cigar,’ Roger and David had trouble singing the song since, according to Roy, they were both ‘vocally wrecked.’ Harper stated in the interview that he offered Waters to sing ‘Have a Cigar’ for a price and he actually accepted it.

Here’s how Roy Harper recalled the time he made a deal with Roger Waters to sing ‘Have a Cigar’:

“It’s actually been a while since I’ve heard the song. I should have actually listened to it last night to familiarize myself with it again.

I was recording my album in Studio 2 at Abbey Road. They were in Studio 3. They were having trouble with this song, and I was in and out of the studio. We were all friends. It was obvious they couldn’t sing this song because they were both vocally wrecked. They were talking about abandoning it, throwing it away, or coming back another day.

But they couldn’t quite admit yet that they were going to have to abandon it. And I said from the back of the room, and it was straight from brain to tongue really, and I don’t operate in any other way…

I said, ‘I’ll do it, for a price.’ And Roger said, ‘What’s the price?’. And I said, ‘A season ticket to the Lords for life.'”

Furthermore, Roy talked about how he managed to sing ‘Have a Cigar’ successfully after a couple of days of rehearsing which eventually made David Gilmour quite pleased with the result by stating:

“Well, obviously it was based on what they had done already. I couldn’t do it there and then. I had to go and listen to the song at home for a night.

I came back the following day and didn’t quite nail it, because I just wasn’t quite ready. But then on the following day – two days later – I did nail it. And they had a song. So that was it.

David was pleased. There was general acceptance in the control room that it was a done deal.”

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