The beautiful and talented frontwoman of The Pretty Reckless and former model/actress, Taylor Momsen, was recently interviewed by 104.9 The X Radio and revealed the latest details about their upcoming album: ‘Death By Rock And Roll.’

As you may recall, Taylor Momsen has declared that their upcoming album is now postponed to 2021 and they need more time to complete the circle, release something close to perfect for their fanbase.

This time, Taylor talked about their latest self-titled single’s cover from their upcoming album. She stated that she traveled to New York for the photoshoot session, and they were so lucky to shoot such a great photo for the cover.

Taylor also pays tribute to the photographer of the cover named Danny Hastings and praised his skill. Also, she informed the fans that he’s also the guy who shot the ‘Going To Hell’ cover as well.

Here is what she said:

“It’s a lot of goals. The first thing was, ‘We need to make something that’s as bold as the ‘Death By Rock And Roll.’ So that was the first thought.

We shot it in New York, actually, right before quarantine started, so luckily we got this photoshoot in, and I got out of New York kind of right in time; it was kind of fortuitous timing. And we filmed it with Danny Hastings, who’s a good friend of mine, a great photographer.”

She continued:

“He’s the guy who actually shot the ‘Going To Hell’ cover as well, so it was great to work with him again. He’s so fun to work with, just because he’s such an artist’s artist, so he takes my vision and just does everything he can to see it through.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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