The Pretty Reckless frontwoman and famous actress, Taylor Momsen, spoke in the recent interview with News Center Maine and revealed why she moved out to Maine.

Taylor stated that she was coming to the state since she was fifteen-years-old and staying in the hotels during those times. Also, she revealed that the band is playing in there since the beginning.

Taylor said that ‘Maine’ is one of the favorite places she has ever seen, so it’s was the time that finally moved up to a house instead of staying in the hotels. In this way, Taylor showed how happy she is with moving out to Maine.

Here is what Taylor Momsen said:

“I love Maine. I’ve been coming here for quite some time now, like since we formed the band because the band’s all from New England.

So we rehearse up here. So I’ve been coming here since I was 15. It was about time I stopped staying in hotels and actually got a place. I love it. It’s my favorite.”

You can check out the whole conversation right below.

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