A fan account on Instagram dedicated to the iconic frontman of Queen, Freddie Mercury, revealed the rare footage of Freddie guiding Roger Taylor‘s drumming while they are recording.

The unforgettable rockstar, with his legendary vocal range and the flamboyant outlook, is still loved and appreciated by millions of people. Even though Freddie had no idea what an Instagram account was, he sure has a lot of them right now.

His dedicated fan base does an amazing job at recovering and finding rare interviews or clips which involve Freddie. One of Freddie’s most popular fan pages recently posted a video of him directing Roger Taylor while recording ‘One Vision.’

Freddie seems to have a specific idea of how he wants the drums to sound and he tries to communicate this to Roger, who completely understands his bandmate and friend. It is amazing to see how involved Freddie was in the directing and arranging of the instruments.

Even though Freddie is known as the frontman of Queen, this video proves that he was more than that, he was also an amazing musician and an excellent composer. The happiness on Freddie’s face after Roger does what Freddie advises him to do, is apparent.

It is obvious that Freddie wanted the band to show their potential and be the best version of themselves. The pride and happiness Freddie feels when Roger understands his directions and follows them, prove that music and Queen were not just Freddie’s job, but a huge part of his life.

Here’s what the caption of the video posted on Freddie Mercury’s fan club account wrote:

“Freddie Directing Roger

This is from the making of ‘One Vision’ and as you see Freddie not only does his own singing, but he also directs and rearranges other instruments played in the song to the point of perfection. ‘Not just da da…it should be da bab!’

I love all the drum noises Freddie makes and the fact that Roger completely understands what he means and listens to him not just as a friend and a bandmate but as an expert musician and composer. ‘oooh it’s fun…’

And yes that is Jim sitting next to Freddie in the studio observing the master at work. ‘da da da da da da TISH!'”

You can check out the video that Freddie Mercury’s fan page posted below.