The official photographer of Guns N’ Roses, Katarina Benzova posted a rare and special photo of Johnny Depp kissing Aerosmith legend, Steven Tyler.

As you might read the caption of the photo below, Katarina stated that the photo was taken 2 years ago by herself.

Here is the caption of the photo:

“Rock n’ roll affair 😜
Throwback to an amazing hang after @janiesfund gala 2 years ago!

These men rock!”

You can see the photo below.

Last month, we published another article about how Hollywood Vampires icon, Johnny Depp is about to face a serious legal battle with his former lawyers from Buckley LLP.

According to the latest reports of Mail Online’s Cheyenne Roundtree, Johnny Depp’s former lawyers alleging that Johnny Depp billed by Buckley LLP. But he only paid $187,717.39, leaving a remaining balance of $347,979.89.

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