One of the leading figures in the music industry of the 20th century, David Bowie expressed his love and respect for the British rock band Pink Floyd in a rare video.

Most probably taken behind the stage, the video showed that the legendary musician David Bowie is a huge fan of Pink Floyd. In the video, Bowie gives an interview to state his admiration and David Gilmour enters the room where they make the conversation.

David Bowie begins to tease Gilmour from that moment on and actually displays how close they are. Bowie says for fun that he was six or seven years old when he first met with Pink Floyd through his parents. Gilmour laughingly responds by saying that Bowie is exaggerating the age.

Here is what David Bowie said on the video:

“I am a big Pink Floyd fan. [David Gilmour appears] David can stay and listen to this. I’ll embarrass him, but the first time I saw them, my parents dragged me along when I was about six or seven. I saw them at the Marquee, I think.”

David Gilmour interrupts Bowie to say that he doesn’t think that Bowie was at those ages. Bowie continues:

“So, really, I have to blame my parent for this great love I’ve got of the Floyd.”

You can watch the conversation between Bowie and Gilmour below.