The rare video of Queen legend Freddie Mercury’s sweet cat named ‘Tiffany’ was unveiled by one of the most popular Freddie fan pages on Instagram, ‘Freddie Mercury Club.’

Everybody knows that Freddie Mercury is a cat lover and he had a lot of cats but Tiffany was different from the others because it was the first cat of him.

Today, the fan page of Freddie Mercury has shared a rare video of Tiffany on Instagram and showed very funny moments. In the video, someone was talking with it and waiting for something to do from Tiffany.

Also, Freddie Mercury Club has shared the unheard story of the video, you can read it right below.

“Footage of Tiffany

I’ve already done a whole post on Tiffany and her origin and end…

This is rare footage of her at Garden Lodge and contrary to what many believe it is NOT Freddie who’s filming and talking behind the camera. It’s Joe Fanelli’s boyfriend at the time. (You can hear Freddie in the background though)

“Do something Tiffany” 😍

The camera zooms in on Tiffany and her face is like: “F**k off!”

P.S. There’s more footage of Freddie’s cats that I’m gonna post later. This is a bliss as it is right now seeing that ball of fur as Freddie used to see her ❤😻.”

You can watch the rare video of Tiffany right below.