Mary Lou Lord and Maryanne Window recently recorded the last episode of “How The Hell Did That Happen?” and as expected, they talked about Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love again.

Lord and Window discussed Courtney’s verbal assaults to Kurt, and how Kurt tried to handle the situation. (Transcribed by Alternative Nation)

Mary Lou Lord:

“It was disrespecting Kurt [Cobain] even though he was a little fucking shit, you know what I mean? He went along with her, he didn’t grow a fucking backbone and tell her to ‘fuck off’, know what I mean?

Like [he should of said], ‘I’m not your little bitch’. So, he was a little shit in a lot of ways.”

Maryanne Window:


Mary Lou Lord:

“Yeah, like right now it’s like ‘I’m fucking old’ and that was a long time ago now [laughs] but at the time, if you put myself in my shoes, that was the shit that I went through.”

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