Blue Öyster Cult drummer Albert Bouchard gave a new interview to Full In Bloom Podcast recently to talk about playing shows with KISS, his history with drugs as well as the day Gene Simmons was about the beat a roadie after he called him by his real name.

Albert Bouchard was one of the most popular drummers of the ’70s and he’s mostly known as the brother of the bassist Joe Bouchard. Just before leaving the band and working for his solo album named ‘Imaginos,‘ he attended several KISS tours.

While promoting his recently released album ‘Re-Imaginos’ which is the studio version of the original album, the drummer also had a conversation with Full In Bloom during which he was asked whether he had any bad experiences while touring with KISS.

Albert admitted that there were some good and bad memories as both Gene and Paul Stanley were acting like they are superior to everyone else. The drummer also shared the little-known story of how Gene Simmons being chased by a roadie after he called him by his real name which is ‘Chaim Witz.’

Here is what Albert said about that day:

“I’ll tell you the craziest thing. We had this roadie – he could go get stuff for us or he could make phone calls and whatnot. We were recording at the Record Plant, and KISS was there.

And the roadie was downstairs, he’d gone down to get somebody’s Coca-Cola or something, and Gene Simmons comes in, and he’s making his way through the whole throng of fans, and he goes, ‘Chaim, Chai, why don’t you tell them your real name? Come on, tell them!’

And so what happened was, he chased him into the building, and of course, the roadie came up the elevator and came up to the studio where we were, and Gene missed the elevator, so he took the next one.”

He went on to narrate:

“So Ron jumps out the elevator and says ‘You got to hide me, Gene Simmons is going to kill me! I called him Chaim in front of his fans!’ Like, ‘Ron, just take it easy!’ He Gene comes up ‘Where is he?!’ We’re like, ‘Gene, come on…’ He says, ‘He was insulting me!’ I said, ‘Oh, really? You are insulted when you’re called Chaim? Is that what you would say to your parents?’

He’s like, ‘Oh, shut up!’ Yeah, that was rich. I mean, I think it was a very entertaining show, I liked it, but yeah, he’s a jerk.”

You can listen to the full podcast below.