Since 1983, Kirk Hammett has been a member of the heavy metal band Metallica as the lead guitarist and a contributing songwriter. Before playing with Metallica, he played for the band Exodus and has contributed to several artists’ works during his career. His guitar playing has been highly praised, and various sources listed Hammett among the greatest guitarists of all time.

Before Metallica, Hammett formed the band Exodus in 1979, when he was just 16 years old. He named Exodus after Leon Uris’ same-titled novel and the band was influential in the Bay Area thrash metal scene.

Hammett played with Exodus until 1983, and then he joined Metallica to replace Dave Mustaine. He played ‘Seek And Destroy’s guitar solo during the audition and was immediately asked to join the band. Hammett first contributed to Metallica for their ‘Ride The Lightning,’ and he wrote numerous riffs for the band since then.

With his successful career and his notable contribution to the music industry, Hammet now has a net worth of $200 million. According to him, being a millionaire comes with its own problems though.

Why Did Kirk Hammett Complain About Being A Millionaire?

Today, Kirk Hammett is actively playing for the legendary band Metallica. Since the time he joined the band, he has appeared in ten studio albums. Being on the heavy metal scene for 40 years, Metallica is still going on tours and working on a new album.

In addition to his music interests, Hammett has a well-known passion for everything related to horror. Since his childhood, he has been a fan of horror movies and has collected a significant number of horror figures and magazines.

Hammett’s obsession with collecting horror memorabilia still makes him spend most of his $200 million fortune. In an interview with Bailey and Southside show, he talked about the problems of being a millionaire.

During the show, Hammett confessed that he is a compulsive spender when it comes to horror stuff and comic books. He then said he just lives his life and is generous enough to share his fortune with people around him.

While talking about being a millionaire during the show, Hammett said that:

“You know, it just comes with a whole bunch of different problems, bro. And you know what? I’m not very good at saving money. I spend it on comic books and movie posters and horror stuff and guitars.

I live my life. I just fucking live my life. And I’m generous. The people who are around me experience what I’m experiencing while I’m experiencing it.”

Hammett’s enthusiasm for horror memorabilia has led him to write a book consisting of his horror collection named ‘Too Much Horror Business.’ Besides, he also has his own horror convention ‘Fear FestEvil,’ which features live music, interactive displays, live talks, and guest appearances.