The artists commonly use symbols, metaphors, and puns to tell their stories in different ways. Their fans have to understand the artists’ actual reason for using these figures of speech as the musicians use them in both their songs’ lyrics and cover art.

Slipknot released their second studio album entitled ‘Iowa’ on August 28, 2001. Although the album became popular and commercially successful, its recording and composing process coincided with the band members’ dark times. Along with the album’s backstory, its usual cover photo, which included a goat, drew a lot of attention.

Why Did Slipknot Choose Goat As The Cover Of ‘Iowa’

Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan is also behind the band’s unique art concepts, such as their masks and changing images. For ‘Iowa,’ he came up with the idea of using a goat on the cover, which has been interpreted in different ways.

So, according to fans and music critics, the goat can be a symbol or metaphor for Satanism, sacrifice, animal cruelty, but may also have countless other meanings. Shawn has also mentioned these known interpretations without revealing the exact meaning. The goat carries many symbolic and metaphoric meanings but has one purpose.

Slipknot percussionist Crahan stated in his interview that:

“The cover has a lot of symbolic, metaphoric solutions in it for everyone in our culture. I haven’t really explained it. It’s for the end times to put the whole picture together, so I’m not going to go into that.

The cover is as important as the inside cover, which is the mirror I made. All these people think they know what Slipknot is, everyone wants to judge a book by its cover.

However, if you’re a good parent, and you’re checking out what your child is listening to, you open it up, and you realize you’re already part of it. There you are. Your twisted little f’cking self. Right there in that mirror, you’re already part of this timeframe called ‘Iowa.'”

Crahan explained why Slipknot used goat as a cover, saying that he aimed to make people, who judge the book by its cover, see their true faces, which they hide from everyone. So, the goat cover is a trap for prejudiced people to draw their attention and make them look into the mirror.

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