A recent article revealed several rarely known facts about the late Queen icon Freddie Mercury including the cause of his strange habit of singing completely naked.

The legendary frontman of Queen and one of the most unique voices of all time, Freddie Mercury sadly passed away in 1991 at the age of 45. The cause of Freddie’s death was revealed as bronchial pneumonia resulting from AIDS.

Known for his heavenly voice, Mercury actually had to cope with vocal cord problems long before his tragic death. Back in 1975, Freddie was diagnosed with vocal nodules, however, he refused surgery since he was afraid of losing his vocal abilities entirely.

Recently, an article published by Udiscovermusic revealed some rarely known facts about the Queen legend Freddie Mercury. In the article, it was claimed that Freddie had an interesting habit of singing nude. According to one of his personal statements, Mercury used to warm up by doing ‘mock operatics‘ which he enjoyed practicing without any clothes on. He asserted that he liked to sing completely naked because otherwise, it didn’t work.

Here’s how Freddie Mercury explained the reason for his naked singing:

“I have to go easy on the red wine because of my throat nodules. To warm up, I do what I call ‘mock operatics.’ I do it naked, though, because there’s a certain piquancy about that.

With clothes on, it doesn’t work, so I sing in the complete raw. I went to throat specialists – I think I saw them all – but they always tell you to just rest and not do the tour… or have an operation. I came very near to having an operation but I didn’t like the look of the doctor and I was a bit perturbed about having strange instruments forced down my throat.”

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