Metallica’s James Hetfield has been in the heavy metal scene since he applied for the band’s drummer Lars Ulrich’s newspaper advertisement to form a band. He entered the music world when he was only 19, and he has succeeded in becoming one of the most known vocalists of all time. 

Metallica’s relationship with other bands was known to be pretty well. However, the rock/metal music industry is aggressive and competitive, and feuds between bands and musicians are fairly common. Metallica also had a problem with one of the legendary rock bands, Bon Jovi, a long time ago. This problem led Hetfield to be angry at the band for a very long time. 

Bon Jovi had also entered the music industry around the same time as Metallica, but they were more universally known. Even though Bon Jovi received many negative comments from all over the world during that time, they did not care about those who hated them and continued being Jon kept being his careless self.

Why Did James Hetfield Hate Jon Bon Jovi?

You can see the ‘Kill Bon Jovi’ sticker in the photo on the right.

Metallica was performing at the Monsters of Rock concert in England, but the technical equipment and acoustics of the concert area were already inadequate. James Hetfield was already frustrated even before Bon Jovi, who would perform after Metallica, made a grand entrance.

They entered the concert area with a helicopter and caused a scene while Metallica was performing on stage. When Bon Jovi’s helicopter sound combined with the poor sound system, Metallica’s show got ruined because it was impossible to hear the music from the helicopter sound. After that day, fans started seeing the sticker ‘Kill Bon Jovi’ on Hetfield’s 1985 Jackson King V Custom guitar.

In a recent interview with Kerrang! Hetfield revealed his opinions about Jon Bon Jovi and showed his fans that he still may not be over what happened in 1985 because Jon Bon Jovi hasn’t changed at all.

Here is what he said about Jon Bon Jovi:

“He’s just so pretentious. Fuck, just looking at his picture there’s something not right, something so fooling about it. He’s pulling the wool over a few folks’ eyes, it seems to me. His Versace ad, the movie star… God, I can’t take it!

Until today, Hetfield seems not to have gotten over his hate towards Jon Bon Jovi, or perhaps it’s just the frustration of the event that has been triggering him. Bon Jovi didn’t talk or make a statement about Hetfield or the helicopter incident.