The legendary Canadian rock band from Alberta, Nickelback, recently posted a photo on their Instagram account and showed that rock fans are wrong to believe that Nickleback is one of the least liked bands.

Nickelback is one of the most popular rock groups all around the world but that doesn’t necessarily make them one of the most well-received ones. As a matter of fact, in 2013 Rolling Stones magazine created a readers poll to reveal which are the top 10 Worst Bands of all time.

While Creed was ranking first, Nickleback took second place on the list. As Nickleback’s members are tired of being asked why they are hated so much, they often say no to interviews.

However, Nickleback’s recent post on their Instagram account proved that the hate directed towards them might be an exaggeration. As you know, Spotify’s yearly wrapped lists came out a couple of days ago. Since then, artists and bands have been posting their numbers on their social media profiles and thanking their listeners.

Similarly, Nickleback posted their results online which seem to be pretty great. They reached almost 540 million streams, over 30 million hours of listening, approximately 35 million listeners from 92 countries. In order to put these numbers into perspective, it might be a good idea to mention the results of the legendary bands, KISS, and Korn.

Gene Simmons also posted KISS’ results on his Twitter account which were also really successful as KISS reached over 307 million streams, over 17 million hours of listening, with 35.5 million listeners from 92 countries.

Korn’s Brian Welch also posted Korn’s results on his Instagram account which are quite impressive too. Korn reached a big success with over 363 million streams, 20.6 million hours of listening, by over 19 million listeners from 92 countries.

The weird point is that all three bands had listeners from 92 countries but aside from that, Nickleback seems to be the band with the highest number of streams and the longest listening hours.

It is highly interesting to see that the band with the worst reputation has reached higher numbers than widely loved bands like KISS and Korn. Maybe Nickleback is the rock world’s secret and guilty pleasure.

Here’s what Nickleback said in their caption:

We all needed music this year. Thank you for choosing us on Spotify.”

You can check out the photo that Nickleback posted on their Instagram account below.