The Rolling Stones’ legendary musician Keith Richards was recently interviewed by Geoff Edgers of The Washington Post and revealed the process during his ongoing health problems.

Keith said that the stage is someplace to get rest and he finds a piece when he’s singing with the crowd.

Here is his statement:

“As Ronnie and I often say to each other, let’s go onstage and get some peace and quiet. I have a beer occasionally, and that’s about it. I live a normal life without being too preoccupied about my health. I find that what I do as a job actually is enough for me. As you know, I’m different from a lot of people.”

Keith also revealed that he will never sing The Lantern from 1967’s Their Satanic Majesties Request album.

Here is the rest of the statement:

“Basically, yeah, nobody has taken it this far before, and there are no guidelines. And basically, we count on our audience. They’re incredibly loyal and you feel you would let those people down if you said, ‘I’ll chuck it in.”

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