On Instagram, The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards shared his own ocean coordinate that he adopted as a part of an environmental campaign and urged the fans to join him.

The Rolling Stones family has been environmentally-conscious and showed their support to certain campaigns from time to time. The band members also want their fans to be more aware of the issues happening in our world.

Recently, The Rolling Stones’ iconic guitarist Keith Richards shared his personal ocean coordinate with the fans on Instagram. Apparently, Keith joined a campaign named ‘Turned the Tide’ initiated by Project Zero. The campaign aimed to secure protection for two ocean sanctuaries in Sri Lanka and Menorca.

The legendary vocalist of the band Mick Jagger also joined the campaign and the two rock icons urged the fans to take a look at it and show their support for creating a better world.

Here’s what Keith Richards stated on the caption of his Instagram post:

Whoop there it is! Got my coordinates. You can get yours too! Click the link in my bio for more information and help us Kickstarter X Project Zero by adopting your very own piece of the ocean 🙏🌊🐋❤️.

Additionally, Mick Jagger explained the importance of the campaign and asked fans to participate:

I adopted my own unique ocean coordinate to get our biggest weapon in the climate crisis back in shape – and you can too. Back Project Zero on Kickstarter to secure protection for two incredible ocean sanctuaries in Sri Lanka and Menorca.

Live now through August 14. Together we can Turn The Tide on the climate crisis.

You can see the posts shared by Keith Richards and Mick Jagger on Instagram below.